AW EUROPE offers a wide range of technical fields with exciting topics for your dissertation or thesis.

The initiative often comes from our departments and large-scale projects are sometimes investigated by several students simultaneously or successively.

Students from Belgium, France or other countries take a traineeship and end-of-study work in the following fields:

- Test equipment for automatic transmissions (dynamometric benches, climatic test benches, acoustics, NVH-i.e. Noise, vibration, harshness issues, IT support and maintenance in these areas…);
- Development and validation of software controlling automatic transmissions;
- Calibration;
- Software development for a wide range of purposes;
- Advanced development of technologies applied to car navigation, in-car information and entertainment;
- Manufacturing and test engineering;
- Engineering of automatic transmission remanufacturing;
- Logistics and production technology.

These high-level projects are available to engineering students (high school +4 years and up) in the framework of their education path. Most favoured specialities include IT, electro-mechanics, electronics and car mechanics.

What kind of support does AW EUROPE provide to students?

Every year, our engineers welcome a limited number of students. This allows them to offer a regular and effective support to all of them. They often take part in the presentation of the students' placement report.
Traineeships are unpaid but a contribution to your transportation costs is provided. An additional contribution to your accommodation costs is also provided if you come from a country out of Belgium and need to find a local place to stay for the duration of your traineeship.
A traineeship must always be made on the basis of documents provided by an official institution such as a school, an international student exchange program etc…

Discover here some examples of traineeships and dissertations made by students at AW EUROPE previously.

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Student jobs & traineeships

Let's discover new horizons!

Both in technical and less technical jobs, AW EUROPE welcomes every year dozens of students in various programs we have called HORIZON. These discovery-trainings enable you to make your steps in professional life in a safe, friendly and technological environment. The suggested themes are mostly exciting ! In many cases, a traineeship is a springboard to a job with AW EUROPE.

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Student jobs


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